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In Metalúrgica San José Artesano (Alcalá la Real) we invite you to visit our corporate philosophy:


We are a company ready to compete, both domestically and internationally, in the manufacture and installation of steel structures, all types of Ironmongery, manufacture and repair of industrial machinery. Our latest venture is the manufacture and assembly of industrial shelving for ceramic kilns.


Contribute to the development of both our environment and our workers, giving the town in which we continued progress in the field of metallurgy and quality satisfied and qualified staff.


  • Meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Develop processes and systems to continuously improve our work.
  • Ensure customer requirements.


Company classified by the Administrative Contracting Advisory Board to work in groups, subgroups and following categories:



Personalized advice to each customer according to the characteristics of the work commissioned, providing ideas and solutions to achieve the best result.


We developed an annual training plan for our employees, in order to be adapted to the changing market and offer you more qualified staff.

Company officially classified by:

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