Carpintería de aluminio Jaén - Metalúrgica San José Artesano

In our company, Metalurgica San Jose Artesano, committed to quality work, all work methodologies that apply revolve around achieving optimal finishes, which provide to the greatest satisfaction to customers.

We are one of the oldest companies of Andalusia in the metal sector. We have extensive experience in the manufacture and assembly of large metal structures, also decorative and traditional forging processes.

We are in constant preparation, which makes that we are always able to respond to market demands, adapting easily to what customers demand.

Contact us, we have a great track record and we can give the best solutions in:

  • Frames and locks.
  • Steel structures.
  • Machinery for ceramics.
  • Industrial Mechanical Maintenance.
  • Machining on CNC lathes.

Every time we give more coverage, we strive to do better every day.

There are already many people who trust us, do you also, his works are in good hands.

Our company is located in Alcala la Real.
Metalúrgica San José Artesano